How to care for your purchase

By Rosie Harris Tweed Bags, Clothing & Accessories

Wool is Cool

Wool products are soft, tactile, breathable and warm. They naturally resist dirt, wear and tear and stand the test of time. Warm in winter, cool in summer, 100% natural.

Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed is water resistant and it is absolutely fine to use and wear in the rain. If you get caught out in a downpour, just dry the item flat at room temperature; the fabric will not be affected. Because wool is so fabulous, you can simply air out your garments to remove odours, hanging on the line for a day.


Harris Tweed Hoodies, jumpers, scarves and snoods should be drycleaned or handwashed in cool water using a detergent specific for wool. If handwashing, wring out gently and dry flat. A gentle steam iron will get creases and wrinkles out. The tweed will soften with wear and washing and the fabric will last for many many years if looked after well.

For bad stains, Woolmark has some great tips for specific spills: Woolmark Stain Removal Tips


Bags should be spot cleaned. The linings in all the bags can be brought out from within the bag, allowing you to carefully wash just the lining section if you have a spill. In the same way, the tweed outer of the bag can be carefully handwashed using a wool detergent. If your bag has leather details, avoid saturating them with water. If you snag or rip the tweed, hand darning is effective and nearly invisible with a matching thread colour.

Bobbin Wool Hats

Bobbin Wool accessories will soften over time. They will stretch a little with wear and can be hand washed to return to their original size. Use a wool-specific detergent or ordinary soap and re-shape whilst damp.


If putting your tweed garments and accessories away for a while, its best to clean them and then store them in a sealable bag or box. General cleanliness in wardrobes and drawers will deter moths and lavender and cedar can be used as natural deterrents.