Tea for Two


“Tea for two, and two for tea,
Me for you, and you for me,
Can’t you see, how happy we could be?”
– Doris Day

The snowy start to this year has been unusually cold for Lewis, with crisp, still, blue-sky days. Gallons of tea have been consumed at By Rosie HQ – a cheery warmer in the workroom.

There is an oversized tea cup with matching saucer that I am particularly fond of and rather possessive over. The cup and saucer must always be used as a pair, or it just doesn’t feel right. The ceramic clink after each sip is both retro and decadent in its tiny act of ceremony. Wrapping chilly fingers around its stout curves, and taking a short moment to breathe in the delicate aroma, is an undeniably lovely way to have a break.

Mugs are one of my simple pleasures. I have a wide selection, all matched to their different, specific beverages. The pattern of tea and coffee drinking maps the day, and can make a distinct impression on that day too. A good coffee first thing and the world will be alright. A herbal tea can give a much-needed moment of reflection in a hectic day. And, as an aesthetically driven soul (okay, material girl), the right receptacle will always lead to a more satisfying brew.

My day starts with a strong coffee, every day, without fail. Be it from our wee coffee machine at home, or brewed on the camping stove in the hills. Mid-morning, it is a large cup of Earl Grey – just a splash of milk please. The lunchtime brew can vary from instant coffee to turmeric infusion, depending on the day. My afternoon cuppa is a gallon of mint tea, or a cheeky flat white from our neighbours at Kopi Java (who brew the best coffee in Stornoway).

There is a small joy in the ritual of making a brew. The wonderful ceremony of making a pot, not just a cup.  A lingering moment taken to stop and steep, to think, to rest and to share.  And in the colder months, what better time is there to enjoy yet another cuppa?