Exploring the World in Fabric


Each new year, I dedicate some time to long, luxurious days of just 'creating'. New designs, new tweed combinations, new techniques all prepare for the year to come and the new By Rosie collection.
As I peruse the shelves of my workroom, I can see storage boxes, the translucent plastic not quite disguising the colourful contents within. Over-stuffed cotton tote bags with just a corner, a glimpse, of something sparkly trying to escape. Bolts of fabric, rolled so that the good side of the cloth is protected and hidden from view, but inevitably not from memory.
My workroom is not only a tweed trove. There are sari silks and ribbons I collected in India many moons ago, mercilessly discarding personal belongings in order to stuff a suitcase full of the glorious bejewelled cloth, sequinned patches and beaded ribbons. There is hot, tropical African wax-print, diligently carried across continents by my dear friend, the patterns and shapes dancing from the sturdy cotton as if in animation. A rainbow of Mexican tapestry and earthy Chilean wovens are treasures brought back from many travels.
There are also luxurious, long-pile faux furs, polka dots, fishes, florals and stripes. A parade of texture and pattern, memories and places. The next few months are set to be a colourful, joyous, creative journey, crafting new products and exploring the world – via the shelves and cupboards.