The New Blue


in New Blue Herringbone

It’s tricky when new tweeds arrive from the Mill. They all have very boring, unromantic codes, which don’t suit the incredibly romantic essence of Harris Tweed. Naming them for our own use can be easy and instant or it can take weeks of living with the cloth until that 'Eureka!' moment.
Sometimes I will give a tweed (or a bag for that matter) a name, not intending it to stick and feeling that the perfect name must be just around the corner…
For weeks I struggled with ‘New Blue Herringbone’. It was the exact colour of the spring sky I looked at from my house. All the colours in the yarn mirroring the rainbows after a downpour. But ‘Rainbow Sky’? No.
After some time I realised that actually ‘New Blue’ was just what it was. The blue of spring skies and morning light. The colour of new beginnings and that exciting feeling of spotting a rainbow after a storm. The New Blue in my collection, and the New Blue of the Hebrides. (Or Code HF703-B3 if you prefer.)