Window to My Soul

Bepsoke Hoody Service:  contact us  now for more details.

Bepsoke Hoody Service: contact us now for more details.

A picnic set, mandolin, Irn Bru cans, various china bird ornaments and a rusty bicycle frame amongst other curios have all adorned the By Rosie shop window display throughout the years – creating intrigue, drawing you inside. Currently, as part of our festive window, Granny’s printed plaster nativity set appears in all its kitschy glory.

Curating objects and decorating the displays is one of my favourite parts of running the shop, especially at Christmas time when I can unwrap my precious glass baubles from their tissue paper hibernation. I feel a ridiculous childlike joy at the glitter-encrusted, segmented shapes hanging in the window, translucent and beautiful as the hard winter light illuminates them.

As I decorate, a passer-by glances up, half curious, half alarmed, at the woman precariously balancing on a chair in the window, a clutch of baubles in her arms.

And I look out at them, a storm-beaten shopper, hurrying along the street tugging at their hood as they are driven along by a harsh sleety wind.

The shop window becomes a moment, framed. For those looking in and out. The snapshot start of 1000 possible stories. Characters in the daily show of Stornoway. A man and his dog, off on an adventure, two lovers hand in hand, an old woman braced against the weather.

And what do you see, looking in? A shared laugh, a sigh of despair with stitch un-picker in hand, a karaoke moment to the radio?

From our window we can see the souls of Stornoway, its characters and its visitors. A familiar face or a stranger. Looking in, you might see three cosy birds, or perhaps Christmas elves, unrolling tweeds, snipping threads and busying away at the sewing machines. And quite possibly having a karaoke moment to Slade. This is the heart and soul of By Rosie HQ.

Merry Christmas to all our lovely customers near and far. Thank you for another wonderful year.