The Bobbin Wool Collaboration

A by-product from the Harris Tweed weaving process has always been the woollen yarn left over once a length of tweed is completed. Each different yarn colour needed in the tweed pattern is wound seperately onto bobbins, cones that feed the yarn into the loom.

Waste not, want not: this yarn was traditionally used to knit warm and durable items that were a staple of Hebridean life and are still popular today.

Our bobbin wool hats combine the traditional methods of handknitting with the modern colours of our collection. The yarns have been blended for a marled effect, mirroring the tweeds we use and the landscape that inspired them.

Every piece is handknitted on the Island by a small group of skilled knitters using traditional methods passed down through generations.

We collaborated with our friend, Nikki, to come up with a modern spin on the traditional designs. Along with around 120 others, Nikki weaves Harris Tweed at home, in her shed, on her croft. But, she also knits while she weaves - a multitasking marvel.

Watch Nikki knitting, weaving and chatting about her work with By Rosie in this short film.